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New President Of Zimbabwe, Mnangagwa Commends Robert Mugabe [Must See]

Zimbabwe’s newly sworn-in President Emmerson Mnangagwa praised outgoing leader Robert Mugabe as “the father of the nation” during his inauguration address on Friday.

BREAKING! U.S Rejects Sylvanus Nsofor As Ambassadorial Nominee- Says He Is Too Old

The United States of America has rejected Sylvanus Nsofor as Ambassadorial nominee to the United States.

Read full details below…

President Muhammadu Buhari’s 82-year-old Ambassadorial nominee to the United States may be rejected for not being a “dynamic and energetic person”, Matthew Page, a former U.S intelligence community expert, has said.

Update On The Sc@Ndal Involving The Married Congo President’s Daughter

Remember the sc-ndal that hit the first family of Congo Brazaville early last month?

Well, here is an update.

The Congolese President daughter, Julienne Sassou Nguesso was embroiled in a s-xtape scandal.The lady who is married has a boyfriend on the side.

Coming To America Part 2: See How This Lady Became A Princess After Marrying An Ethiopian Prince Who Disguised Himself

This is surely our very own favorite movie ‘Coming To America’ re-enacted in real life.

Here is the gist of how 33-year-old Ariana Austin married an Ethiopian prince and is living the life of the Royals.

Ariana met Joel Makonnen an Ethiopian prince at a Washington DC nightclub 12 years ago. Joel, who works as a lawyer, told her there and then that she was going to be his girlfriend.

Why President Jacob Zuma’s Son Was Dragged To Court

South African prosecutor Gerrie Nel, who laid out the murder case against Paralympian Oscar Pistorius, will prosecute Duduzume Zuma, son of President Jacob Zuma for culpable homicide.

Nel resigned from public service in January to join a civic group that plans to bring private prosecutions

Meet 5 Year Old Who Grew Bre@Sts At 2 And St@Rted Per!0d At 4

A five-year-old girl who grew bre@sts aged two and started her per!0d at four is now being forced to go through the men0p@use.

Really? Fashion Designer, Vivienne Westwood Reveals She Bathes Once A Week And Her Husband,Once A Month

This may come as a shock to many but fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood has revealed that her trick for staying young-looking is to only bathe once a week.

Speaking at the Vivienne Westwood Spring/ Summer 2018 show during Paris Fashion Week, the 76-year-old advised that people shouldn’t “wash too much” when reporters asked about her youthful appearance.

Update On The S*X Scandal Involving The 50yr Old Married Daughter Of The President Of Congo

The daughter of the President of Congo-Brazzaville, Claudia Sassou Nguesso is currently involved in a blackmail scandal after she refused to oblige her blackmailer, he released her s*x tape.

Claudia, 50, is married to a lawyer but she kept a side-dude. Her boyfriend recorded a video of them having s*x, but he made sure his face did not show, then he threatened to release it if she does not give him the sum of $50,000 US dollars.

President Of Congo Brazzaville Cries Out Loud And Reacts Over His Daughters Le@ked S-x Tape- See What He Said

The president of congo Brazzaville Denis Sassou Nguesso and father of Julienne Sassou Nguesso whose s-x t@pe was allegedly le@ked by  boyfriend who blackmailed her has come out to declare the news false.

AT LAST!!! Women In Saudi Arabia Can Now Drive A Car

Goodnews for women in Saudi Arabia!

Saudi is the only country in the world where women are prohibited from driving.