Update On The Sc@Ndal Involving The Married Congo President’s Daughter

Remember the sc-ndal that hit the first family of Congo Brazaville early last month?

Well, here is an update.

The Congolese President daughter, Julienne Sassou Nguesso was embroiled in a s-xtape scandal.The lady who is married has a boyfriend on the side.

According to the media over there,the boyfriend asked her for $50,000 and when she refused,he resorted to blackmailing her by releasing videos of their s-xcap@de.

The 50 years old pretty and chubby,just in June this year was indicted in c0rrupton charges in France over the purchase of a mansion valued at $ 3.4million in the swanky Paris Suburb of Neuilly Sur Seine just North of the Ritzy 16th arrondissement, according to judicial source..

Julienne is an insurance agent by profession while her husband is a lawyer. No comment has been made so far by her

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