Buhari Would Not Run For Second Term- Minister Of Women Affairs, Aisha Alhassan Declares

In the light of Biafra agitation and the current state of President Buhari’s health, many have wondered Nigeria’s president would seek a second term in office.

However emerging report has revealed that President Muhammadu Buhari, had prior to the 2015 elections told his party members, that he will “not seek a second term in office, even if Nigerians beg him to do so”.

This report, Owelafrik.com learnt was confirmed by the Honourable Minister of Women Affairs, Aisha Alhassan.

“In 2014/2015 he said he was going to run for only one time, to clean up the mess that the (previous) PDP government did in Nigeria.

And I took him for his word, that he is not contesting in 2019”, the Minister of Women Affairs, Alhassan said.

She further authenticated her statement saying, that Buhari made the comments in 2015 to APC members.


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