More Details Of What Led To The Death Of Hector Joberteh, Gulder Ultimate Search Season 3 Winner

Once again, Nigerians were thrown into a state of mourning as Gulder ultimate search season 3 winner, Hector Joberteh was shot dead today by unknown gun men today.

The story earlier reported, alleged he was shot dead without the gun men carting any way with any of their property.

However a contrary story has surfaced.

This information was gotten from the popular Nigerian forum Nairaland.

One user, pryzlez wrote

It was in the compound of the hospital that the picture was taken (probably by someone who came with them) …

He was brought in with his dad who also suffered broken arm (dunno how that happened though) but the nurses were all staring at him while he bled go death (all because they didn’t come with a police report)…

The guy that carried him in the picture (maybe his brother, cause that’s the way he brought them in, No shirt on) really tried…. He gave him mouth to mouth respiration, got a towel to stop the blood gushing out and all the nurses could do was stare on (I weep for state of hospitals in this country)….

Mind you, only 1 doctor as on duty this morning when he was brought in and he chose to attend to the dad with the broken arm… By the time the DPO of the nearest police station came, he already gave up the ghost…

I pray God gives the family the fortitude bear the loss
While, another user wrote
The dad is from Gambia and the mom yoruba. The dad was also shot in the arm and all belongings the junior brother cane with was carted away.

Try sympathise with the family instead of looking out for nollywood scrap. It could be anybody s family.

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