See How Gun-Men Murdered Young Girl On Her Way To The UK Embassy In Abuja

This is so saddening.

A young girl has been shot dead by unknown gunmen on her way to pick up her UK visa. She was said to have been in the company of her mum.

According Gabriela Okwara, the deceased’s friend:

One of my juniors in secondary school, a young promising girl who was traveling to Abuja alongside her mum to get their visas and head back to the U.K. was shot dead by the trolls on Elele road and some insensitive clowns here are telling me to not raise alarm on the high rate of insecurity on East west road in other not to paint Rivers State bad, are you kidding me? Where is your conscience? Instead of you to lament, stage protest and demand that the security personnels at state and federal level do their jobs, you are there talking plenty! God have mercy on you.

Rest In Peace Faith Chuku! Sail on Hallel instrument…

More photos below….

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