W!CKEDN-SS! See How Mallam Tried To Use A 4-Year-Old Girl For Suya

A man who sells roasted meat popularly known as suya has been arrested by the Lagos state police command for allegedly attempting to use a four-year-old girl to prepare the delicacy.

The Sun reports that the four-year-old girl was allegedly abducted by the suspect, Abdulahi, at White sand area of Ebute Meta, while she was playing with her mates in an open field.

Abdulahi then reportedly took the girl to a secluded area where he had attempted to k!ll her with a knife but for the timely intervention of a man who saw what was happening and raised the alarm.

The incident was on Wednesday, August 30 confirmed by the Lagos state commissioner of police, Fatai Owoseni, who said that the man who tried to rescue the girl sustained a minor injury on his hand.

He said:

“The suspect was subsequently handed over to the Police at Denton Police Station, Oyingbo.

Police investigation revealed that the suspect had abducted the little girl from where she was playing with her friends with the sole intension of killing her.

It is a clear case of kidnap and attempted murder.” However, a brother to the suspect who identified himself simply as Ibrahim, attributed Abdulahi’s actions to mental instability. He said: “I am a suya seller. I sell suya at White sand area of Ebute Meta.

My brother was not okay before. He was treated in the village five years ago before he came to Lagos. Maybe the sickness has come back again.

“On the day of the incident, while we were selling suya, suddenly my brother started behaving funny. He grabbed the table and turned it upside down scattering the entire suya in the process.

“During the confusion that followed he grabbed the little g-rl and we tried to free the girl from him. It was while we were trying to set free the little girl that one man sustained injury on his hand.”

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