SHOCKING! TB Joshua Reveals He Predicted Princess Diana’s Death 20 Years Ago

The founder of Synagogue Church of All Nation, Pastor TB Joshua said he predicted Princess Diana’s tragic death twenty years ago before she finally gave up the gh0st 20 years ago. It was gathered that in a Facebook post, Pastor Joshua said:

“On the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, let us recall the prophecy about this incident that shook the world from a man in faraway Nigeria who even mentioned her by name a month before her tragic passing.

“On Sunday July 6th 1997, Prophet T.B. Joshua declared, “A star will fall. By next Sunday, I will tell you the length of days.

Let us keep our fingers crossed. One popular person will die. There is nothing we can do about it. I know that star, I know what will happen and I know the day and time it will happen.”

“On Sunday 13th July 1997, he spoke further, “A popular person, a woman, will pass away in an overseas country. I know where and I know the person. People will condemn her because of what led to her death; people will not like to hear.”

“On Sunday 27th July 1997, Prophet T.B. Joshua specifically stated her name. “This is an international issue. Many of us were here when I asked people to pray – that, a star will fall, a great star that will shake the whole world. And it will come to pass. And I told you she’s a very young person. The whole world will shake.

Is it Diana?”

“This prophecy came years before the emergence of Emmanuel TV and Prophet T.B. Joshua became known internationally!


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