Leaked S*x Tape: Small Doctor Finally Speaks

Small Doctor has finally broken his silence after a leaked video of him hit the internet, where he was seen str0k!ng his manh00d with one hand, while apparently recording the act with his other hand.

Speaking with Sunday Scoop, he said:
“My Snapchat account was hacked and that is all I have to say.”

When asked to admit whether he actually recorded himself m@st*rbat!ng and saved it before the alleged hacker uploaded it online, he said,

“You should understand when they say someone’s account was hacked. I don’t want to say beyond that.”

On his Gold chain being stolen at a recent concert he performed at, Small Doctor said:
“The event was organised by Shina Peller in Iseyin, Oyo State. While performing, I was carried away because I was intent on giving my fans the best, like I always do whenever I’m on stage.

At that point, I didn’t even remember that there was an expensive chain on my neck. The crowd was very lively and they were enjoying my performance, so I jumped into the crowd to get closer to them. Unfortunately, by the time I went back on stage, the chain had been stolen off my neck.

However, because there were a lot of people there, we couldn’t really tell who took the chain.But it’s all good.”
On if that would be the first time something would be stolen from him at an event, he said:
“That was not the first time that I jumped into the crowd; I actually do that a lot. But this is the first time that I would lose my possession. But this does not mean I would stop doing that; I would just be more careful.”

On the success of his latest single, Penalty, the pop singer said,

“The song has really taken me places and I thank my fans all over the world. I have performed in several places across Nigeria and around the world. Right now, expect more jams from me.”


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