Yoruba Chief Named ‘Demon’ Writes Open Letter To IPOB Leader Nnamdi Kanu


A self acclaimed Yoruba billionaire has penned an open letter to the leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra, Maxi Nnamdi Kanu, he has condemned the activities of the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra for stating he would rather die than to trust a Yoruba man.

He also made mention of other things in his letter, as he boldly claimed that an Igbo man would stab the IPOB leader from behind someday.

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Dear hero, as your about to be divided igbos call you. I hope you are hale and healthy. Do take some time off from your busy schedule to scrutinize this letter which is not in any way written to insult your majestic self.

Sir, regarding your recent statement where you said that you would rather die than trust a Yoruba man. I know exactly what you meant and I deliberately name myself a demon so as to allign with your predefined impression on the sons and daughters of Oduduwa. There are somethings you are not doing right and out of my little knowledge but generous being, I will share with you.

You have declared yourself the ruler of the Indigenous people of Biafra which I think it’s not really wise of you. You are brave, courageous, stubborn, strong but how come you are so carried away by your newly acclaimed fame and audience that you think your two years or so jail term is enough sacrifice to make you lord the entire Igbo without their consent.

I don’t think you have taken the right step because you have ignorantly launched a missile of division among your people. You are a dictator and that’s exactly why you believe you can take decisions on behalf of the Igbo without seeking their opinions.

Imagine the recent rant by Massob claiming election must hold in Anambra state which is contrary to your statement some months back. Why have you chosen to disrespect your elders because you feel only you have the energy and guts to claim the glory of Biafra? I see you are counting stars but losing the moon.

You’re busy racing after your agitation that you’re beginning to cook up a war within your own faction. The Igbos are dividing and it will surprise you that someday your own brothers may be the ones to stab you from behind.

Sir, sometimes one needs to act meticulous despite his anger and power, listen to advice, take tactical plan that won’t be read in the news and fight with maturity and professionalism. I couldn’t even believe my eyes when I read recently that you said every Nigerian is a child of Satan.

So you are the child of God? A political and religious leader you already are and I’m always marveled at the way your people kneel before you to pay homage and take blessings. Some even call you their god.

I just need you to sit, think about what will become of Biafra after you gain your independence (if you ever do). How your people will fair and how long your people will suffer before you realise you have missed some steps in your fight of freedom.

I really respect your charisma and I’ll love to be like you in tackling my quests, just that I will add a bit of smartness and humility.


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  1. Ykd says:

    go back to sleep demon as you called urself, you dont have a word…. Biafra or notting,

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