Nigerian Man In Malaysia Jumps From His House While Trying To Escape From Police (Photos)

Malay boys, get in here!

A Nigerian man in Malaysia suffered serious tragedy after he allegedly jumped from his house while trying to escape from policemen over his documents.

A source said the victim did not have his documents necessary to continue to still stay in the country and in an attempt to escape from policemen jumped from his house and broke his spinal cord.

He said the name of the victim has not been given and appealed to the Nigerian government to make things better in the country in order to to secure the future of the youths.

Read the report below: Its sad news again for Igbo`s in Malaysia. Everyday Nigerian are dying in abroad and Nigeria government are not doing anything One of your brother just jumped from his house when he was running for police because he don’t have documents that`s why he is running.

If our country Nigeria is good how can people be running for deportation or anything? Other African countries are not like this, it is only Nigeria. His family is waiting for their son to come back and rejoice with them now see the result.

We need to secure the future of the youths in our country Nigeria or we divide this country and let everyone go on they own.

It happened just 1 hour ago at Kefe Kepong Kual Lumpur in Malaysia. His spinal cord is all broken and his name is not yet provided All these problems are happening every week people are dying because of immigration and police case.

Meanwhile, according to Channels TV, the police began investigation following the attack and have made some arrest although no names have been given yet.

Mr Garba Umar who is the state commissioner of police had confirmed that gunmen stormed the church during an early morning service and opened fire on worshippers. He said it was not unconnected to what he described as gang war.


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