“If You Want Biafra, You Must Fight Me First” DSS Boss, Laura Daura

The DSS warned those agitating for secession to be very careful this one last time.
It said it will not watch the country descend into disunity just as Gowon also urged youths calling for Biafra to desists from doing so.

The Department of State Services (DSS) has warned that any group that is threatening the security of the country will be security dealt with insisting it will not fold its hands and watch the country being torn apart.

Premium Times reports that this was emphasized at the national seminar on “Unity in diversity” it organised.

Former head of state, Yakubu Gowon, was the keynote speaker at the seminar where he urged security operatives to handle secessionist agitators carefully. Lawal Daura who is the director-general of the DSS warned that the unity of the country was important and the agency would not sit idly and watch it divided.

He said: “I would like to restate the position of the Service that all groups or individuals who are bent on pursuing their divisive and separatist activities that threaten national security, to think again.

“The security and law enforcement agencies will not sit by idly while they continue on their activities that put at risk the lives and properties of law-abiding and innocent Nigerians.

We will deploy the full amalgam of the security infrastructure to deal with subsisting and emerging developments capable of endangering lives and properties as well as our corporate existence as a nation. “Globally, the security agencies form the core of institutions that give backbone to statehood.

Consequently, every activity that represents an existential threat to the nation is a direct challenge to the security agencies, which must be responded to. The security sector views the unity of this nation as a sacred trust and this task we will do our utmost to meet.”

Gowon commended the Arewa youths for backing down on their ultimatum to Igbos in the north and warned that those agitating for Biafra were scaring foreign investors away. He said: “This call is not in the interest of democracy which recognises the right of individuals on issues…

My view is that all Nigerians and people should love their country. Rather than needlessly heat up the polity and scare international investors, agitators need to pause and ponder on the implications of a strategy of threatening the country.

“We need to think of the danger our actions poses to the innocent and law abiding citizens. Agitators or whatever name they go by, need to read up history that no nation survives multiple civil wars. The life of the people is worth more than whatever profit they hope to make out of the business of hate and sheer murmuring.

“Agitators are better off not pursuing personal interest just as the Federal Government will do well not to use any force on these agitators except only as the last resort for and in defence of security and the peace of the nation.”

He applauded the DSS for the way it has handled the situation of the country’s unity. He said: “I want to say that the service has done exceptionally well. Your operations have made it possible over the years to nip in the bud several acts or provocations that otherwise would have led to deeper crisis in the country.

Let me reiterate that Nigeria as a nation is stronger together than chip off the block.

“There is unity and strength in our diversity and we should be accommodated in unity not by force but more so by reason. We must believe in the indivisibility of this country as citizens. East or west, north or south, we are one.

We must believe in one Nigeria in order to make it good and better for all.” “Let me use this opportunity to advice Nigerian youths that the unity of this country must prevail above some of the hard talks and uncomplimentary remarks coming from them.

“I urge the youths not to allow the situation that happened in the past to happen again. They should avoid anything that will bring the suffering of innocent people because of unnecessary demands. “Don’t forget that you are the future of this country.

You must work together to ensure you build a country that all of us would like to see.” Daura noted that governance failure has played a huge role in the rise of agitation noting that if Nigeria gets governance right, other things will settle in well.

“It is noteworthy that numerous well-meaning Nigerians of all religious and ethnic backgrounds have weighed-in with positive messaging to assuage the resultant anxieties of the activities of these divisive groups.

“This notwithstanding, and given the high toxicity of ethnic and religious evocations, the security sector has remained sufficiently concerned with a view to evolving and developing adequate countermeasures to deal with these threats.

“The acting president has valiantly led the charge to put the naysayers to shame and to reassure Nigerians of their safety everywhere. He has also sought to reassure Nigerians of the infinite possibilities of Project Nigeria and the imperative for all Nigerians to keep faith with the nation and in the commitment of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration to deliver on its socio-economic programmes.”

“These governance failures have been amply implicated in the massive unemployment and very poor socio-economic conditions across the land, which feeds and spread frustrations, anger and agitations, nationwide.

“There is no gainsaying the fact that if we get governance right, we will have more salutary outcomes in terms of security and other contemporary challenges.”

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  1. A says:

    Joseph Okechukwu Said;


    South East voted for more than Fifty years, and
    here are the benefits:
    1. Only 9% of total power generated in Nigeria is accessible to South East and South South put
    together- wonder how industries and airports,
    let alone homes are supposed to function in those
    2. NO visible presence of the FEDERAL
    GOVERNMENT OF NIGERIA, anywhere in the South East
    3. As we learned from the South East – South
    South Governors forum, it is no longer possible to
    make an international trip from anyone of the
    International Airports in both the South South
    and South East without connecting a flight in Lagos- meanwhile, Kaduna airport was upgraded
    to International Airport within weeks! It is a
    stone throw away from Kano International
    Airport and Abuja International Airports, all
    4. A petroleum college has been built and completed in Kaduna within two years and will
    be functional in about a week or two, but
    Maritime University at Okerenkoko in Ijaw land-
    South South had to be scrapped and kept in the
    5. Federal Roads in the South East of Nigeria aren’t just the worst nationwide, they don’t exist
    6. Recently, South East was excluded from the
    $5.8 billion loan from China EximBank for the
    construction of Standard Gauge (Rail) Lines. In the
    end, it was all blame game and of course nothing to show!
    7. Second Niger Bridge? You know the whole
    story. Until the old bridge collapses with scores
    dead, no one is going to move an inch.
    8. Recently, numerous voices of reason including
    Elder Statesmen, Religious Leaders and Politicians alike have been calling for RESTRUCTURING as a
    means of addressing the injustices against
    marginalized regions. The ruling APC which had
    RESTRUCTURING in their manifesto suddenly said
    they didn’t understand what it meant. To add salt
    to injury, the Nigerian senate voted a few days ago but failed to secure a majority in favor of
    RESTRUCTURING. So the STATUS QUO is hereby
    maintained! Who’s fooling who?
    9. Don’t even talk about the quota system and
    Revenue Sharing Formula which the lame senate
    has declared ILLEGAL! Yet it’s in application. THE LIST IS ENDLESS…
    Nigeria as currently constituted can never favor
    the average South Easterner or Igbo man or even
    the south southerner. So, no matter who’s in
    power, if the country remains as is, people of the
    old Eastern Region will forever be slaves in this FAKE UNION, Nigeria. So, why should I continue to
    In all honesty, anyone who questions the
    rationale behind #NoElections in Anambra State needs an urgent psychiatric analysis.
    If 50+ years is not enough to know the taste of a
    union, a thousand years will not be enough. It’s
    time to ACT! Biafra we want period.

  2. Keneth Clinton says:

    I do not know why Lawa Daudu, DSS Director General from Dauda, Buhari cousin should warn fellow Nigerians, BIAFRANS from agitating against the scam country that Buhari has constituted and frustrated by appointing all Dauda family members into positions of governance in Nigeria as if Nigeria is Dauda family investment property that he, Buhari can go ahead and appoint anyone into position of governance without consulting with other Nigeria stakeholders and/or shareholders on such decision.
    General Gowon also came in here to share his old age opinions here, who sold Nigerians to the whole world, inviting the whole wolrd to come to Nigeria, stated that Nigeria has so much money and wants the world to come and tap them in 1977, FESTAC without himself considering the impact, Ignorance is a disease. He son was/is also infected in America. Gowon should be ashamed by now to speak in the public places for his ignorance act in 1977 FESTAC issue.
    Lawal Daura has no moral rights to come out to speak to the public for shame they, Buhari, Lawal, Atiku, El Rufai and other Northern people who organised themselves through introduction and sponsoring of BOKO HARAM in the country to topple Jonathan’s government in order to install their illegitimate government in Nigeria.
    The law of Karma, you are reaping now will continue to befall you people for your wrong planning, doings to others, which is what is befalling you people now.
    You promised Nigerians security, peace, harmony, good job opportunities, upgrade of Naira to Dollars exchange rate and other currencies. where are the promises that Lawal Dauda, jointly with Buhari promised to Nigeria?
    Buhari and his Fulani accomplishments have set you people to this frustrated points that Lawal Dauda does not know what to do again than to set himself into object of ridicule to fellow Nigerians.
    I do not know when DSS was constitutionally assigned to attack and arrest people on the streets who go about demanding for their civil rights that they are deprived by President Buhari ruling from the UK, which has a stable democratically elected government and you are here assessing the unity of the country as a sacred trust that you as a DSS Director wants to maintain without first putting in place the strategic plans to create the unify Nigeria with all the necessary formalities put in place. You Lawal also stated that you will taste yourself to ensure that this unity that never existed before is met through your actions and inactions.
    My advice to you is to first liaise with your uncle in the UK through visit to take instructions from him before embarking on this dangerous adventure that may ruin or cause more damages to the scammed country called Nigeria. I am also on the opinion that this country be allowed to be shared into 4 sub-segments, SOUTH-EAST, SOUTH-WEST, MID-CENTRAL and CORE NORTHERN parts for peace to reign in each sub-regions.

  3. Philip Steve says:

    It’s high time this idiot and fool call Dss Director go down coz nobody has monopoly of arrest and killing. Let him know that he is not untouchable or above disappearing. So let him watch his back from now. We have more sophisticated and more intelligent men than those his ragg tagged staff. Untrained men from kastina state.

  4. Emeka Anya says:

    Well put Kenneth. The Country is looted ButtNaked. PHSYCHOLOGY these people are Deranged and been Hooked to looting as KRAKHEADS, ROOT SUITED IN DNA DUE TO YEARS OF LOOTING IN THE LOOTEROUS LOOTERACY BEASTS PhD program.

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