Gulder Ultimate Search Winner, Canon Otto Kidnapped

Based a report made available by his friend Raphael Koko, Otto was allegedly kidnapped just as he returned from a trip to Lagos state for an event. He wrote, “Otto has been kidnapped.

He was in Lagos for an event last week and now I’m getting calls from mutual friends that he was kidnapped in Port Harcourt over the weekend. We still don’t have all the details yet.

It’s just very surprising and shocking.” A Facebook user who seem pained about the incident took to his page to lament about the issue of kidnapping in Rivers state.

He stated that the state governor Nyesom Wike needs to urgently look into the matter and not allow hoodlums, touts, armed robbers and kidnappers hold sway in the state. Read his post below:

“One thing i have come to understand about life and issues that necessarily concern us especially as Nigerians is that we always look the other way, never get interested as long as it doesn’t affect us or our loved ones. We keep mute about things that should naturally necessitate our actions.

This one touch me for my bone. What is the Rivers State government doing about insecurity in the state? The government of Nyesom Wike doesn’t seem to understand the implications of folding their arms and watching hoodlums, touts, armed robbers and kidnappers hold sway in the state.

Doing business in the state is becoming harder by the day. We are loosing our best minds, companies, investors, and to them this just seem okay. Please the government and security agencies have to do something about this fast.#FreeCanon”

Meanwhile it has been confirmed that the kidnappers have reached out to his mum and demanded a ransom of five million naira.

It’s not clear if the ransom will be paid or not but sources close to his family says ‘his mum is really sad and confused but the Police is involved already, so we are hopeful’.
Canon Otto won the Gulder Ultimate Search Viewers’ Choice Awards in October, 2014


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