Prophet Joshua Reveals The Club To Win The UEFA Champions League

Guess what’s happening on Saturday?

Its the EUFA champions league!

The uefa champions league final which will hold on Saturday 3rd of June, has brought with it so much intrigue and anticipation as popular Nigerian pastor, Prophet Joshua Adedipe of Renewed covenant ministry has made a shocking revelation on who will triumph in Cardiff.

This revelation was made in church on Sunday as the pastor said “a team from Italy is going to triumph in a major football tournament final come Saturday”.

This immediately made football fans in the church congregation conclude it was juventus he was talking about, as the championship league final is the only major tournament to be played on Saturday with Juventus being the Italian team the pastor made mention of.

Should this revelation come to pass then pastor Joshua is going to add his name to the list of a few men of God who have been able to predict the game of soccer successfully.

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