7 Ways To Know A So-Called ‘Nigerian Big Boy’ Is Totally Fake..1 & 3 Won’t Fail You

In Nigeria, some people claim to ‘have arrived’ when people see them ‘rolling in money’ or driving flashy cars and wearing the best of the world’s designer clothes.

What many people may not realise, is that most of these guys are just keeping up appearances (packaging), as some even end up sleeping inside their ‘expensive’ cars simply because they can’t afford to pay rent.

Some have to team up with a couple of other boys (ranging from 3-7) just to afford to pay house rent. These set even exchange personal items including toiletries and clothing, just to look rich outside.

Below are 10 ways you can spot a fake Naija boy, who is trying to package:

1. They usually ‘buy’ their fake accent:

This is not peculiar to Nigerian ladies alone, as the men also like to form, ‘i’ve been to’, and they have the British, American and Chinese accent all rolled into one. Speaking with a fake accent is just their own way of trying to impress whoever is within an earshot of them. To know how fake their accent is, just ‘jam’ them at home and hear their thick Nigerian accent shine through.

2. They like to drive flashy cars:

A fake Naija guy doesn’t mind borrowing just to buy the latest car, some even borrow their friend’s car just to impress the next babe they come across. There have been several cases of guys taking their oga or father or even uncle’s car for a ‘test run’, telling the babe ‘i got this for N23m’ (BIG LIE).

3. A fake Naija guy will promise you the world:

A fake guy will say ‘baby check flight rates for so and so country’ getting the babe’s hopes up half of the time and eventually failing to deliver on his promise. What about the ones that say ‘I’ll take you shopping soon, just don’t worry’. They are just promising stuff they have no plans of delivering, because they actually cannot afford to.
4. They are ‘CLAIMentinas’:

A fake guy ‘knows’ everybody. They run into a celebrity at the shopping mall and take pictures and it becomes ‘yes that actor na my personal person’. They manage to meet a popular musician at the cub and it’s a case of ‘Davido sef na my guy, we hang out at the club steady’. Has a fake guy ever told you how connected he is? He even knows those in power sef, he can walk into any government house and walk out with a multi-million Naira contract.

5. He doesn’t have a proper job or any job at all:

A line from American music group TLC comes to mind when you see them “a scrub is a guy that thinks he’s fly”. These ones claim to ‘get their hustle on’ five days a week, yet you cannot categorically put a finger on what they do. They are usually the first to say ‘#TeamHustleHard’ even though he knows he’s waiting for free handouts from hard working people. He doesn’t hesitate to borrow money from even a babe he’s dating, with promises of paying back ‘soon’.

6. He’s always the first to pop bottles in the club:

They are always the first to order bottles at the club just to impress their imaginary haters. When it’s time to pay, they would look for the most ridiculous excuses. All of a sudden their ATM cards won’t work, or they remember they have to go to the bathroom. After popping and being forced to pay, they come home to eat noodles or soak garri.
7. They always want the hottest babes:

They always want the babes that they can barely afford to measure up to, simply because she makes them look good. They like ‘working class’ girls because they’ll hardly pressure them for financial input, and they can afford to borrow from them at will. The babe usually just covers the guy’s ‘shame’ when they have to go out together, so that people don’t see him as the fake that he is.

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