Who Is Kiss Daniel Dating?

What do you know Kiss Daniel’s girlfriend? Who is she and is she at all real? Is he hiding something from his fans? Let’s learn more about her right here in this article.

Daniel Kiss as we know him with his stage name or Anidugbe Oluwatobiloba Daniel which is his original name. He is well-known and really loved by Nigerian fans who know him as a songwriter, artist, and a brilliant show business performer.

Though hugely popular, this man’s personal life has been veiled for a long time now. Thus, a question of who is Kiss Daniel dating has been in the air for a long time with no answer to it. Now, we have decided to unveil his secrets.

Is it true that Kiss Daniel has started a new era in his life by starting dating one of the most beautiful ladies out there?

That’s a question many fans would want to have answered. However, the celebrity seems to believe that his love life is only his personal business.

However, on May 18 after he released a song called “Mama” for which he received many positive responses he states that he had his first crush in the industry.

You probably know that Kiss Daniel released one of his latest video clips he had a famous beauty star in it. After watching it, his fans kept texting him on Twitter whether this is his official girlfriend.

Thanks to him being rather active on the social network, the singer responded right away that it was a rather funny thought. Unfortunately, she was not his girlfriend, but he promised to announce if someone becomes his girlfriend as soon as possible.


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  1. Habiba Marryam says:

    Some ladies are so so funny
    There’s this lady on facebook claiming to be kiss Daniels girlfriend

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