What Happened To The 2016 Kardashian Christmas Card? Guess Who Bowed Out Of The Photo Shoot??


The Kardashian Christmas card used to be an annual tradition.

Last year, however, the Kard clan opted to only feature kids in their holiday photo, leaving the world to wonder what sort of form-fitting red and green number Kylie had poured herself into.

In other words, it’s their fault 2016 was so sh-tty.

We had hoped that the sisters would correct their error this year and make amends to society, but it looks like they decided to let minor road bumps like being robbed at gun point dampen their Christmas spirit.

Grinches, we say!

Yes, it seems that the scheduled photoshoot for this year’s card coincided with Kim dealing with major crises like said robbery and Kanye West being hospitalized following a nervous breakdown.


Not surprisingly, those situations didn’t leave her feeling particularly festive.
“There was so much drama over this year’s Christmas card because Kim did not initially want to do it,” a source close to the family tells Radar Online.

“Kris said that if Kim wasn’t it, she was just going to cancel it all together.”
“Khloe was not having it when she heard that it might be canceled because of Kim,” said source. “


She and her sisters told Kris that she was being absolutely ridiculous!”

The situation was made worse when Kris hit Khloe with an uncomfortable #fact:

“Kris told the girls that no one would care about the Christmas card if Kim were not in it and that really ticked Khloe off even more,”


Yeah, if Kim follows through with her plan to step away from the spotlight, we get the feeling Khloe and other family members will be learning the hard way just how little the public cares about Kim-less Kardashian projects.

So we’re 6 days from Christmas and there’s still no Kardashian card on social media.

Guess we know who won this year’s debate, right?

Not necessarily:

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