Blac Chyna And Rob Kardashian!! A Breakdown Of Their Doomed Relationship


Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian have the most toxic relationship in the spotlight.

They became a couple under the strangest of circumstances. At one point, the whole world thought it was a joke.

With the relationship drama getting crazier by the day, we have created a timeline of their turbulent relationship.

With the pair doing practically anything to get in the headlines, their relationship has been widely publicized.

Let’s run down it down from the beginning:

1. January 2016: It Started With An Arm


Everyone was shocked when Chyna took a picture of a man with tattoo-clad arm. The shock stemmed from the fact that everyone was certain it was Rob Kardashian. They were right.

2. February 2016: S-x With Chyna Is GREAT


Rob Kardashian revealed that s-x with Chyna was more important than his family. He then bought his girlfriend a $35,000 portrait of herself which was coated with diamond dust. Later that month, Chyna defended Rob when trolls made comments about his weight.

3. March 2016: Family Time With a Hint of Drama


Blac revealed she wanted to get married, while Kris Jenner revealed she had not seen much of Blac, but felt that she was a nice girl. This was around the time Kris and the rest of the Kardashian-Jenners were allegedly trying to break the couple up. Rob celebrated his 29th birthday with his family, without Chyna. This paved the way for numerous reports that they broke up. However, Rob put these to bed and said he and Chyna celebrated his birthday the day earlier.

4. April 2016: A Truce Between The Kardashians & Chyna


Blac squashed her beef with the Kardashians, paving the way for she and Rob to get engaged. The drama was far from over when it emerged that Tokyo Toni banned the Kardashians from the wedding. Rob gifted Chyna with a purple lamborghini after she helped him lose 50 pounds.

5. May 2016: The Pregnancy


Rob continued to shower Chyna with gifts. His best one yet was 28 bouquets of flowers for her 28th birthday. Then, the pregnancy rumors began when an emoji of a pregnant Chyna emerged.

6. June 2016: Keeping Up with Rob and Chyna


Kris Jenner gave in and allowed Chyna to appear on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Rob and Chyna got their own reality series, but pictures showed that storylines were pretty fake. Things got a little out of hand when Blac’s expensive taste was allegedly causing Rob to go broke.

7. July 2016: The First HUGE Fight


With the couple dropping the first trailer for Rob & Chyna, what could possibly go wrong? A lot, apparently. Rob deleted everything about Chyna from his Instagram. It was later revealed that they were back on track. Meanwhile Amber Rose trashed trolls who were making fun of Chyna being a stripper.

8. August: Wedding Delayed!


The couple announced that their wedding would be delayed, while Chyna continued to emulate Kim Kardashian, with a crazy magazine cover. Also, it emerged that Rob and Chyna’s relationship was in jeopardy due to Rob not showing up for filming.

9. September: Another Instagram Freak Out


Footage emerged of Rob going through Chyna’s phone to find out who she’s been texting. That same month, he deleted all records of Chyna on Instagram… again! Pilot Jones appeared on the scene and claimed he was the father of Chyna’s baby. It was later revealed that they were still together.

10. October: A Paternity Test Revelation


With Pilot Jones continuing to open his mouth for whoever would listen, Rob and Chyna threatened him. Chyna wanted to prove her innocence. The couple later revealed their relationship was totally fine.

11. November: The Birth of a Dream


November was a big month for the couple. Chyna gave birth to her second child, Dream and it appeared as though her relationship with Rob was back on track. Their wedding date was allegedly revealed, but we still don’t know whether it will ever occur.

12. December: Bye, Rob!


It was confirmed there was a date for a wedding, but then Chyna allegedly ran off with Dream and left Rob with an empty house. It was apparently linked to direct messages from her Instagram which painted Rob in a bad light.

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