Young Thug Abuse Black American Airport Workers Calling Them “Peasants” And “Bum-S”


Rapper, Jefferey Lamar best known as Young Thug lived up to his stage name after he recorded himself abusing female, Black American airport attendants and posted the whole thing to Instagram.

He was trying to get to Seattle to perform a show, but had to cancel it after he arrived to Atlanta Airport late.

He said: ‘These two ants are so rude. They’re peasants. Your manager is a peasant, y’all are ants.’

‘Look at, get their hair, sync in on their hair… their hair is nappy as a motherf*cker. They look like Africans that done got deported .’

‘I’ll give y’all bu-ms 15,000 apiece to quit your job,’ he said waving around a pile of cash. I’m giving you bu-ms one more chance.’

The 25yr old carried on his verbal assault while an airport police officer stood by and did nothing. He later deleted the video from Instagram. He has since apologised.

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