Little American Boy Claims He Was Fat-Shamed By Santa


Before we get started, you need to go ahead and brace yourself, because this is a seriously sad story about a poor little boy and his broken dreams.

So gather your thoughts, steel your heart, and settle in, because this is one wild, disappointing ride.

OK, so there are a great deal of children who love Santa Claus, right?
Sure, some of them are a little weary of the idea of sitting on some strange old man’s lap and telling him some gifts they’d like to receive, but many others look forward to visiting the guy.

This little boy we’re talking about today, nine-year-old Anthony of Forest City, North Carolina, fell into that second category.

On Saturday, he spent the day with his family, getting into so many winter shenanigans. They went ice-skating, and they even went for a carriage ride, before going on a little trip to see Santa.

Things started off fine — Anthony sat on Santa’s lap, he asked for an iPod Touch and a drone, everything was good.

But when Anthony went to leave, he claims that Santa told him to “lay off the hamburgers and french fries.”

Poor, adorable Anthony says that Santa “really disrespected me,” and that “it affected me so bad that I was crying until I went to bed that night.”

The Santa in question was scolded, and he apologized to the family, but Anthony thinks that “he didn’t even mean it.”


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