Linda Ikeji, Her Friends And Staff Dance To Stevie Wonder’s Happy Birthday Song [Interesting]

Popular blogger Linda Ikeji danced to Stevie Wonder’s happy birthday song.

Never knew she was so flexible

Indeed! She is Linda the dancer

See what she wrote as she posted the video on Linda Ikeji’s blog today.

“We shot this video inside my office yesterday. Linda the dancer…lol. Myself and two of my best friends, Katherine who has been my friend since our secondary school days…and Andy, my friend since our modeling days – 18 years ago, were joined by some of our LIM staff. Our choreogrphy is a little rubbish but we tried so don’t abuse us o…lol. This video is dedicated to everyone whose birthday it is today and every single day from today. We had so much fun shooting this…hope you enjoy watching it. Life is for the living. Enjoy every moment!”

Culled from Linda Ikeji’s Blog

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