Zookeeper Who Boxed Kangaroo To Save His Dog Gets To Keep His Job.


A man who boxed a kangaroo to save his dog in a video watched by three million people online will not lose his job as a zookeeper, it was announced Tuesday …

Greig Tonkins, 34, an elephant keeper at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, was filmed by a friend as he ran towards a two metre tall male kangaroo that was holding his mastiff dog in a headlock.

The dog was being used by Tonkins and his friends to hunt wild boar near the western New South Wales town of Condobolin to fulfil the wishes of a terminally ill friend, the Daily Telegraph newspaper reported.

In the video, the animal rears up on its tail to full height while still holding the dog, named Max

After the kangaroo lets the dog go, Tonkins then gives a sharp jab to the animal’s head and it stands still, seemingly shocked and confused.

Tonkins backs off and the kangaroo turns and hops away.

Taronga Zoo said Tuesday they had received demands for Tonkins to be sacked after the video went viral on YouTube and on international television news.

The zoo said it opposed the striking of animals and did not support using dogs to hunt, but that Tonkins was an experienced zookeeper and he had always followed the zoo’s best practice approach to animal care and welfare.

It said Tonkins would not lose his job, but the zoo would work with him “on his conduct in regards to this incident.”

The kangaroo appeared to have a hold on the dog, but the dog’s owner stepped right in and stunned the marsupial with a quick jab to the face. The dog, already freed at this point, was ushered back to safety by his owner while the kangaroo appeared to be dazed and confused as to what the heck just happened.

I have watched this video six times in a row now while trying to write this, and I still love the kangaroo’s stunned reaction to being punched in the face.

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