11 Fabulous Ways To Style Your Dookie Braid


Dookie braids have come a long way from the playground. What used to be the go-to style in school, always accessorized with the latest and greatest bows and barrettes, is now undergoing a makeover. Take the braid game to the next level with intricate designs, splashes of color, and glittering gold beads.
Present-Day Dookie Braids Hairstyles

The best part about these dynamic ‘dos is that most of them transition effortlessly from cubicle or campus to cocktails, making it easy to move from day to evening while still looking like a goddess! See the pictures below to prove this fact:

#1: Beautiful Braids and Baby Hairs


The hairstyle in this photo is a rather traditional take on dookie braids – these braids are long, lush, and thick from base to tip. A few gold beads add some much-needed bling, and those flawlessly styled baby hairs curling over her forehead top off the look.

#2: Side Parted Braids


These braids start thick at the top and get thinner towards the tips. The beads added here and there at different levels look as if they are sliding down and are about to fall. A side part is the most convenient way to wear longer braids hanging freely.

#3: Dookie Braids with Blonde Highlights

The specks of blonde in these braids make them stand out, but even more than that, they draw the eye and keep it looking. Pulling a few braids back and securing them with an elastic or other accessory changes the entire hairdo, plus, it’s a quick, easy style to do on-the-go.

#4: Softly Pulled Back


Although this is one of the simplest dookie braid hairstyles, it’s also one of the loveliest. Pull back several braids on either side and secure them in the back. Black braids look awesome set off by white outfits.

#5: Light Brown Braids, Red Lip


The lipstick has nothing to do with the braids themselves, of course, except the color combination is ideal for fab Instagram pictures. Beyond that, the golden brown color of the plaits with the exposed natural roots is absolutely stunning because the style doesn’t try to look natural.

#6: Chic Bohemian Braids


It’s easy to show off the Boho chic edge with dookie braids hair. On their own, braids tend to give off that laid-back, Bohemian vibe. Here, the middle part seals the deal. Keep the braids long and flowing, add some beads and gold clasps, and maybe even try on a flower crown

#7: Half Up, Half Down


This stunning ‘do for women looks elaborate, but it only takes a few minutes – if that. After pulling back the centre-parted braids, wrap a simple crown bun. This leaves the remaining braids free to flow – preferably over a shoulder, as seen here. The end style is fit for a queen.

#8: Half Up Top Knot Braids


Everything about this hairstyle is chic and on point! The braids are long and flowing with a radiant shade of red mixed in, which adds a colorful touch and works as a brightener. The bun, often seen with dookie braid hairstyles, is like a crown to amp up this cute ‘do.

#9: Dookie Braids in Half Up Pony


Sometimes you need a simple yet showy hairstyle for your braids. Rather than being just a half ponytail, one or two braids loop around the base of this pony, effectively hiding the elastic and adding a massive height.

#10: Braided Braids


Braided dookie braids are an easy ‘do that can become your chic casual hairstyle or even formal one. These braids have been gathered together and woven into a loose, thick, over-the-shoulder braid that looks at home anywhere – from the red carpet to the living room rug.

#11: Minnie Mouse Buns


One advantage of dookie braid hairstyles is their simplicity bound with a show-stopper nature. This girl has tried on the Minnie Mouse look, and we are pretty sure she’ll turn more than one head today!

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