Top Ten Best Telemundo Couples


Without a doubt telemundo has stolen the hearts of lots of persons with their amazing and unique telenovelas..No doubt we all have favourite actors and actresses.However, today we shall present to you our top ten best telemundo couples

starting our countdown;


10.jorge luis pila and sonya smith ( lorenzo and Angela).  Telemundos bad man (lol) and the beautiful sonya smith have earned themselves a spot on our list.lorenzo proved he could love the heart and the woman who bears the heart at the same time in the breathtaking telenovela aurora.


Though their romance kicked off towards the end both became a couple viewers were attached to.


9. And we have sonya smith again,this time staring alongside juan soler in husband for hire.(Griselda and Reinaldo)..our handy woman sure proved to us that she is not only good with handyworks but also a hopeless romantic and confidant to the lonely and unhappy reinaldo in telemundo’s husband for hire…


Griselda and Reynaldo sure left a soft spot in our hearts



8.Mario cimarro and Marlene Favela ( Juan and Paula).Landing themselves on our 8 spot is the delightable juan and paula in the heartwarming Delmonte dynasty


The bond between these two is surely undeniable as they both proved to be an amazing onscreen couple.with this couple we believe true love always triumphs



7.Carlos Ponce and Gaby Espino (humberto and santa). These two really made us understand that between love and hate there is always a thin line.Humberto proved his unceasing love to santa despite her rejection..They are definitely a rare couple



6.christian de la campa and scarlet Gruber ( samuel and Andrea).One of my personal favourites and a beautiful couple to watch.They both started out hating each other,however their love was inevitable.You surely cannot deny their perfect chemistry and those charming eyes of the beautiful Andrea.


Samuel and his little witch have landed themselves on our no 6 spot.



5.Eugenio Siller and Paola Nunez ( Reina and Nicolas). Despite all the hurdles this power couple had to undergo,they fought vehemently for their love and eventually won.


I call them our action couple.Bolivia and Raina proved that true love conquers all



4.Jencarlos Canela and Carmen villalobos (Andres and lola). our fierce and lovely couple…these two sure do know how to steal our hearts and make us keep requesting for more.


Andre and Lola please take a break from your musical careers and steal our hearts away again with another telenovela..we love you guys



3.Fabian Rios and Ximena Duque (samie and willy) are the perfect example of an hilarious couple. Their arguments and jealousy would always put a smile on your face


We sure would love to see them together again..Lets not forget their dog arturo (lol)




2.jencarlos Canela and Monica spears (Bruno and Bianca)These two stars featured in the award winning telenovela forbidden passion.they both shared a forbidden relationship in the context of the telenovela.


forbidden or not we sure did love them together,sadly we would not get to see them together again.




1.without a doubt this couple deserve our no 1 spot


Their onscreen chemistry,perfect understanding of each other among others is undeniably unique..



Arturo and sophia you are our no 1 best telemundo couple.(They get 3 pictures for this lol)

And we have come to the conclusion of our 10 best telemundo couple.on our next edition of telemundo lovers we shall present to you our 5 best telemundo villians..stay glued to owelafrik – Your one stop news fashion lifestyle and entertainment portal

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