Veteran Actor Pete Edochie Speaks On Ndigbo And Fulani Herdsmen


Veteran Nollywood star, Pete Edochie shares his candid opinion about the state of Fulani herdsmen attacks and what it means for the Ndigbo.

The actor stated this in a proverbial way during an interview with Ugwumba Television.

He also speaks about some other happenings in the country, particularly the decline of the speaking of the Igbo language.
About the Ndigbo, an apex Igbo socio-cultural group in Nigeria, he said, ‘The Igbos do say that Igbos don’t have kings. If you look at it you’ll see that we don’t have a king.’

‘If all the Igbos come together and say this is where we shall stand, no president of Nigeria will turn their back on us. God supports the Igbos very well, Igbos are rich all-round the world, even in Nigeria but we haven’t shown that we love ourselves very much. If we love ourselves very much and stay together no one will defeat us.’


‘I was reading a daily the other day when Fashola said by 2020 that Nigeria will be powered by coal, the coal that is in Enugu and Kogi. Why did he not come to Enugu to announce such if he really meant it? These are the things our people should be insisting on.’
About Fulani herdsmen, the legendary actor said, ‘if an innocent child is respecting you whilst you flog him, he would retaliate when you force him to a tight corner. I say to you, man will die once and one day and defend himself with whatever weapon available to him. That is the way I will answer your question on Fulani herdsmen’

He lamented the dying state of the Igbo culture and language saying, ‘Igbos are no longer proudly speaking their language, if you ask somebody a question in Igbo they will reply with English and English don’t even suit their mouth. If we keep running away from our language it will die.

‘Now, they gave us Africa Magic Igbo, they came to me and asked me what to call it…..and asked where to launch it. I told them to come to Enugu the eastern capital. I spoke on the night of the launch for a long time without adding any English word and there are few people in Nigeria that speak English as well as I do because I studied English and was trained by the BBC.’



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